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I’ve recently created a new video clips for an animations and motion graphics screening event called “FRENZ 2010“.

Event organizer: as@Chisei (Chisei Maeda)
Event sponsors: Adobe Systems Incorporated, Gaudere Corporation

Video: llcheesell (Tatsuro Ogata) at Vilvo Designworks
Music: dBu (Dobuusagi)

The video was simply made with participants names and artificial materials shot by Canon EOS 7D & iPhone 4 (with the wide conversion lens)

Due to my complicated schedule, I had to create this in 2 days! And I made it.


AEP Project announced an After Effects user group meeting named “AEP Night vol.2“.

The event is planned seven unique talk sessions, a short movie competition, and an after party. The talk sessions and competition will be broadcast using Ustream. (Live page on station 5 website)
And we prepared many join-prizes: CS5 Production Premium, CINEMA 4D Broadcast Edition, FxFactory Pro 2, five Red Giant products, and more.

Date: 27, May, 2010 (Thu) 18:00- 20:30 JST
Place: Station 5 (OW Building 4-21-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).
*station 5 is an Adobe’s official gallery and event space at Omote-sando, Tokyo.

Originally, I’m slightly envious of AENY(User meeting in New York) but there’s not the such users-led meeting in Japan. So I want to make user meeting like that.

Japanese detailed page:

  • SESSION 01: A short movie competition screening
  • SESSION 02: Free talk session
  • SESSION 03: Introducing CS5-ready plugins “Trapcode Particular” and “Magic Bullet Mojo
    Speaker : Satoshi Okamoto Flashback Co., Ltd.
  • SESSION 04: Great integration with After Effects and CINEMA 4D
    Speaker : llcheesell (Tatsuro Ogata) at Vilvo Designworks
  • SESSION 05: Introducing a fluid simulation plugin “Turbulence.2D” and CINEMA 4D
    Speaker : Tomohide Miyata Marketing depatment at TMS Corporation
  • SESSION 06: AE Scripting Case: Rendering Automation
    Speaker : Yuuichi Terao (Terraon) shooting director at ufotable
  • SESSION 07: After Effects CS5
    Speaker : Secret guest

The event is for Japanese users but I hope that more people know such user-led user meeting held in Japan.

Just uploaded an original animation work titled “SUTENEKO Russian Blue

song : Miku Hatsune (virtual singing synthesizer)
music & lyrics : SHUN, Mucchi-
animation & composite : llcheesell (Tatsuro Ogata) at Vilvo Designworks

FYI, SUTENEKO means “an abandoned cat” in Japanese :)

Small tip today.

How to live broadcasting with Canon EOS DSLR camera series?

Like some compact digital cameras which can behave as webcam or some video cameras which support capturing video with IEEE1394(FireWire), EOS cameras cannot support these functions.

So I use EOS Utility software and its Remote Live View function.

EOS Utility

Once run the Remote Live View, it display captured image from the camera.
Turn off the indicator of AF zone information.  And switch Focus mode to Face detection Live mode.


If you shoot a human face mainly, the Face Detection mode would not good because it will display some boxes at face. In such case, other mode would be good but there will be box for its focus area.

Also you can set Exposure, White Balance and Picture Styles.


And finally, capture the window with Ustream Producer! It support both Windows and Mac.

スクリーンショット(2010-03-15 16.58.44)

All right!!


FYI, EOS Utility support these cameras. So if you have these cameras you can broadcast by the method previously described.

EOS-1Ds MarkIII/ EOS-1Ds MarkII/ EOS-1Ds/ EOS-1D MarkIII/ EOS-1D MarkII N/ EOS-1D MarkII/ EOS-1D/ EOS 5D/ EOS 40D/ EOS 30D/ EOS 20D/ EOS 20Da/ EOS 10D/ EOS Kiss X2/ EOS Kiss F/ EOS Kiss Digital X/ EOS Kiss Digital N/ EOS Kiss Digital/ EOS D60/ EOS D30


Happy new year!

The last week of the 2009 I bought a new camera, Canon EOS 7D. Yay!

Canon EOS 7D

7D is totally awesome camera. It has a 18M pixel APS-C sized sensor and its image quality is fine.
Soon after using this, I thought I made a great buy.

I bought a Zoom Lens Kit (EF-S15-85mm F3.5-5.6 IS).
This lens covers wide-angle, macro, and zoom shooting. Really useful. I loved it.

And also video recording is really good. 7D is able to record 1080p video in 30fps or 24fps, and 720p in 60fps with DSLR quality. It is rock!
At 2010 New Year’s Day I went to Takahata Fudo Temple (Tokyo) and shot some footages. It was the early hours of the morning and still dark, but captured images are beautiful with food stall’s lightings.

I uploaded a video which is combined that 7D footages with music.

2010 New Year’s Day at Takahata Fudo Temple, Japan from llcheesell on Vimeo.

And some photos were uploaded to Flickr.
Flickr: llcheesell / Vilvo’s Photostream

Hello world!

November 26, 2009 Miscellaneous Comments

I am is Tatsuro Ogata, a.k.a. llcheesell, a freelance motion / visual designer working in Japan.
I’ve just created a new blog for English community.

I want to share information about motion graphics, design, creative, After Effects, CINEMA 4D, etc…
Oh, and also I’m hosting where Japanese After Effects users are able to publish/share several resources and articles.