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Adobe Premiere Pro’s new playback engine named Adobe Mercury Playback Engine is blazing fast seriously.
I saw the real demonstration at InterBEE that is a conference held in Japan.

In that demo, Premiere plays four 4K RED footage simultaneously and all of the footage are applied GPU-accelerated effect! It’s amazing.

The engine became possible thanks to the power of nVidia CUDA, Multi-core CPU, and of course 64bit application being able to use a lot of memory.

David K Helmly says about the Engine in this article -

For PremierePro”Next”, we are moving to new GPU + CPU model which allows us to scale and divide the workload more efficiently between multiple CPU Cores and GPU Cores. It uses the new nVidia CUDA technology and is designed to work with nVidia cards such as the Geforce 285 and FX4800/5800 series.

The engine works well only with Quadro FX4800, FX5800, CX and GeForce GTX 285. The requirement is a bit strict but the benefit is dramatically big.

Unfortunately because the Core Engine of After Effects is very different to Premiere’s one, AE will not get the engine.

Dear Adobe, I hope that After Effects improve its speed with the great powers of  GPU like Premiere too =)