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NHK “Nippon Sai-Hakken KANAGAWA My favorite picture”
Opening title sequence

New work: Roland M200i Promotion

December 15, 2012 works Comments

(WELLA trademark © 2012 Procter & Gamble)
I’ve got engaged 6 shots of the entire event movie.
CG & Motion: Tatsuro Ogata (Scissor model by Ryo Asakura)
Dir: Kentaro Saisho(STUDIO 3140 Inc.)

I’ve got engaged 6 shots of them. Compositing cars, helicopter and lighting(no Post Effects). If you want detailed shots, please let me know.
An article on


AD : Kenichi Ogino
CG Dir:Masaru Ikeda
Motion Design : Masakazu Nomura / Kentaro Saisho(STUDIO 3140 Inc.) / Hideyasu Ishihara(GART 3DCG STUDIO Inc.) / Toru Hirotani(GART 3DCG STUDIO Inc.)/ Tatsuro Ogata / Yuichiro Mouri

Dir : Kensaku Kakimoto
Rock’n Roll Japan K.K.

Music Video for the song “Birthday Song for Miku”, written by Mitchie M, celebrating miku’s 5th anniversary and its website. Launched Aug 2012.
The website plays an unprecedented interactive music video connected Smartphones, Twitter and Geolocation.


We created opening sequences of a new commercial message from nhk regarding environment concerns.

We’ve done all effects & composite in 2D with After Effects.

This is an original footage of the sequence. we shot many hands with greenscreen.

An Opening Animation for the new TV Program “Hare toki doki Farm!”

Director: Naojiro Yasui
Creative Director/Animation/Composite: Tatsuro Ogata
Modeling/Animation/Technical Support: Toshio Fuji

Many Macs!

Net Rennder control screen

Still remain dozens of works…


New work: Net Ni Tsunagou!

January 27, 2012 works Comments

TV Spot for Datacasting. We’ve created 4 patterns.

Director&Composite: Naojiro Yasui
CG&Composite: Tatsuro Ogata
Actor: Naoko Suzuki(NHK)

Director: Naojiro Yasui
CG / Composite: Tatsuro Ogata
Actor: Yuika Motokariya
Equipments: RED ONE / CINEMA 4D / After Effects

The Showreel 2010-2011

May 31, 2011 works Comments

The other day, I’ve talked about a making of “QURU QURU LOVE” and its simplified workflow at MAXON 25th anniversary seminar in Akihabara, Tokyo.
Accordingly, I made this showreel for my introduction at the seminar:) I hope you enjoy.

The videos are combined with commercial and private works. As you can see I’ve been engaged in several type of project like live-action, motion graphics, CG, etc.. and also Prints/Display Graphic Design, Ustream Broadcasting. I love this flexibility and that’s why I’m working as a freelancer.
In fact, all people I met, projects & events I involved, had been motivating me every time.

If you interested me, please contact me!