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I’ve recently created a new video clips for an animations and motion graphics screening event called “FRENZ 2010“.

Event organizer: as@Chisei (Chisei Maeda)
Event sponsors: Adobe Systems Incorporated, Gaudere Corporation

Video: llcheesell (Tatsuro Ogata) at Vilvo Designworks
Music: dBu (Dobuusagi)

The video was simply made with participants names and artificial materials shot by Canon EOS 7D & iPhone 4 (with the wide conversion lens)

Due to my complicated schedule, I had to create this in 2 days! And I made it.

By the way, I really love this music clip named “Nazo Nazo” by maxcaffy. It was screened for FRENZ 2010. I’ve watched this, and was blown away.

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