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A title animation CG of the BS Cinema which is a movie show program on NHK BS.
The whole scene and its smooth transforming were created with Cinema 4D’s MoGraph feature. It’s very useful for placing a number of objects (whether orderly or not).
Addition in this case, when I had to add seats and lightings of the theatre, I can made do it easily.

This is why I love MoGraph.

Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, CS5
Project period: 1week

Brand new NHK BS (Japan’s national public satellite broadcasting) animation identities.
And also I’ve got engaged making the TV spot introducing the recommended programs on the new BS channels by Yukie Nakama.


Just uploaded an original animation work titled “SUTENEKO Russian Blue

song : Miku Hatsune (virtual singing synthesizer)
music & lyrics : SHUN, Mucchi-
animation & composite : llcheesell (Tatsuro Ogata) at Vilvo Designworks

FYI, SUTENEKO means “an abandoned cat” in Japanese :)

Yesterday I’ve shot a timelapse video at Akihabara station, Tokyo, Japan.